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HAHA Archery has enjoyed substantial growth of its membership over the past few years and in return we have done some large capital improvements to our section. All new warthog archery target have been purchased for the practice range and 20+ new 3D tournament targets have also been purchased this year. A 70 meter Olympic range target has just been purchased for our practice range.

The archery section contains a selection of field targets, a year round 20 target 3D animal course and a practice range with butts from 10yds to 80yds.

HAHA Archery is always looking to grow our sport and encourage new members to the club..


The 18 meter indoor archery range with the new Warthog Archery Wall



Iron Buffalo 50/50 Shoot Final

50/50 shoot with a $50 gift certificate bonus to the winner of our 1/2″ thick Iron Buffalo shoot.

New Archery Practice Range

The new practice range using  Warthog Archery Target butts continues to been installed.


Local OAA Shoots

Shooting at flying aerial targets During our traditional archery shoot we set up the archery disk launcher. Click on the photo to watch the video.


Kat Cullen filmed some archery episodes for cable 14 at our archery range.

Click on the image link to watch the videos.


CHCH Morning Live: Take it Outside segment that featured an interview by Nicola Jones with our archery section on the joys of taking up the quickly growing sport of archery.

RIP – Nicola Jones enjoying the basics of archery

The Spectator Article at HAHA Archery

The Spectator Article at HAHA Archery

The Spectator Article at HAHA Archery

Archery Resource links

The following links are provided to help learn about some of the different aspects of archery and may not reflect the opinions of the Hamilton Angling & Hunting Association or its members.

Archery Coaching Videos This series of videos introduces coaches working with intermediate archers to specific techniques, drills and skills to help archers shoot from a better position of strength, alignment and posture.

Eye Dominance Test

Choosing your first Archery Equipment

Introduction To 3D Archery

What is Field Archery

Basics Of Archery

Dynamic Arrow Spline Calculator – Excel Format

Archery Tuning Guide


HAHA Archery – OAA Listed Tournaments

OAA Site (Ontario Association Of Archers )


Shooting from one of the three raised platforms

Practice Range

Practice range with 15 practice butts from 10yds to 80yds



Local Archery Shops

The Bow Shop. Located at Shooters Choice


Archery Section Executives

Sheldon Maddox – Archery Section Chair

Mark Penny – Archery Section Treasurer


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